The Early years

In the very beginning of Us and Them there was many things that where new for us. To record our songs by ourselves was one of them. We discovered this new world by try out things and experiment. We released three Ep's this way and one album this way, every Ep consisted of three of our own songs and a cover version of a song dear to us. The album got two songs each from the Ep's and four new songs. These record where released on our own label Withdrawn records.

Canning oak 

Released 2005 on Withdrawn Records - CD EP

This is our first EP, and the first four songs ever recorded, which means it's very dear to us. The cover song on this album is "Another Day'' by the headstrong Englishman Roy Harper and you'll find it on his fourth album from 1970, ''Flat Baroque and Berserk''. The song has a special meaning to us and has been our favorite for a long time. 


Released 2005 on Withdrawn Records - CD EP

This, our second EP, has a lighter Pop Music touch to it than its predecessor. The songs are more arranged and there are also some cautious rhythms here and there. The last song on the other hand, "The Great Valerio", is more simply arranged and the slight melancholic atmosphere moves us back to the stillness of "Canning Oak". "The Great Valerio" is the cover song on this EP. The original was written by one of our musical heroes, Richard Thompson, and was initially released on Richard and Linda Thompson's first album together, ''I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight''. 

Man o´sand to girl o sea

Released 2006 on Withdrawn Records - CD EP

On our third EP it feels like we've managed to define more clearly what Us & Them really stands for. A mixture of pure folk music in "Count the Days", the intima Americana in "What Am I Doing Here?", acid folk with dark passages in "Oblivion" and, finally, the clean pop sound of ''Another View of Us''. On the other hand this doesn't mean we won't sound different the next time around.The cover song we've chosen this time is ''What Am I Doing Here?'' by Chuck and Mary Perrin. It was first released as a bonus track on the re-release of Chuck and Mary Perrins' second album ''Life's a Stream''.

Based on a true story

Released 2007 on Withdrawn Records - CD EP

With this album it feels like chapter one in the history of Us and Them is finished. It contains six songs from our previous Ep's and four new songs. These new songs show a brighter side of us, more pop than anything else we've made so far.