More reviews

On the Review page you find new reviews from Finland and Czech among others.   


We have also begun to work with Bandcamp, which has been sadly neglected before. This is our record store where you can also listen to and buy our music. Previously we only had a few scattered songs there, but now you can find our three albums and we will successively release more and more of our eralier records and of course our new releases. There will also be some music that only will be available on Bandcamp.

You find the link to our bandcamp site above this text.


More reviews

You can find new reviews under the review section here. Directly under that link you find a brief notice but you can also find the whole reivew under each record. Today new reviews from the Italian Roots and Exposé online.

Release on Bandcamp and Spotify 

On our Bandcamp page you can listen and buy a physical record here. You find both Bandcamp and Spotify links to the left. 

Great review in Shindig! magazine

We are up in clouds after the great review in Shindig ! 5 out of five, could it be better ? 

Release party for the new album

On the 24th of September we have a release party for our new album. We will play the whole album and Astor Wolfe on vocals and Per Lindblom on keyboard will join us this evening. Astor are also going to play a set with his own wonderful songs. It takes place at Larry's backroom in Stockholm

Release date for the new album

The 24th of September is the release date for our new third album "...and I observed the blue sky" . We are very proud about it and think it is the album we always wanted to do. We have spent more time to get every song as good as it can get. So if you are interested of buying a copy send an e-mail to  We will send you a copy as soon we get the order so probably you get the record some time before the release. It cost 9 euro + postage. More info on the Shop-page here.

There is a very small edition of a vinyl version but it became so expensive we're a bit ashamed to tell you how much .

Second single from the forthcoming album

Evening song is the second single from our forthcoming album. The A-side is Evening song and the B-side Mirrors is a song that won't be included on the album. You find it on our Spotify and Bandcamp.

New single out on the 8th of April 2022 

This is our first release, compilations excluded, in over two years. The A-side is our own Looks like it's clearing up and the B-side is our version of Gerry Rafferty's To Each and everyone. You find it on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube among others