Here you find a selection of the  videos we done over the years.

Here is our latest release, Looks like it's clearing up. The song is the A-side on our new single that will be released on the 8th of April 2022.

A completly new song from 2021 called Fogwalking.

Here is the video In between times, one of our latest released songs. You find the song on the compilation From a distant shore that was released 2019 by Mega Dodo records.

When I was walking is the A-side of a single that Mega Dodo Records released 2016

Jabberwocky is one of the songs from the EP By the time it gets dark that Fruits de Mer records released 2014. The lyrics is from a poem by Lewis Carroll and Donovan wrote the music. You find Donovans original version on the album HMS Donovan

One of our first releases is an EP with four songs from the movie The Wickerman.  Willow's song is one of the songs. Like many of our other videos the location for this video is in the deep forest of Värmland. 

The EP Walk light is the only record we made on the Ritual Echo label. Oblivion is one of the four songs.

This is the video for Lady Rachel, the only cover on our second album On shipless ocean. You find the original version on Kevin Ayers album Joy of a toy. The video contain clips from  a beautiful horror movie called The Masque of the Red Death by Roger Corman.   

In late November 2020 Fruits de Mer records released a boxset called The Darkest voyage. Us and Them collaborated with Marc Swordfish and the result is Annabel Lee, the lyrics is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. The video give you more Roger Corman. This time from the movie The Terror.

2016 Fruits de Mer records released a 5-track record called Fading within the dwindling sun with five tracks that Sandy Denny made famous. One of them is Winterwinds. Ludvig Josephson did a tremendous work with the video for the song.

One more video by Ludvig Josephson. This time it is a song from our album On Shipless ocean called Time.

On our very first record on Fruits de mer we did an interpretation of Jackson C Franks wonderful song Dialogue. Here is the video for the song.

One more video located in Värmland. Butterfly is our contribution to a Hollies tribute called Re-Evolution: FDM Sings The Hollies that Fruits de Mer records released 2013. 

The single taken from our second album On Shipless ocean, The corner of my eye.

We are sacred is from our debutalbum Summer green and autumn brown.