Summer green and autumn brown

Released 2015 on Mega Dodo Records - Vinyl and cd

After four EP's the next step was logical, an album. It was with great enthusiasm we started the work to put together an album. Our ambition was that listen to the record should be like going on a journey. The record starts and ends with an intro and an outro, which basically is the same song, which indicate that we are back where we started. Between these songs we had the ambition to show different moods and feelings. So there are light songs, a waltz, long ambitious songs and shorther novell-like songs.

On shipless ocean

Released 2018 on Mega Dodo Records - Vinyl and cd  

I June 2018 we released our second album which we are very proud of. It's always hard to describe positive things about ourselves so we take this short description from a review:

''On Shipless Ocean is an album that ebbs and flows, like all good albums should. Light translucent moments drift into rich dense textures, that evoke an autumnal stillness on a crystal-clear day. Delicate acoustic guitars are moderated by a haunted electronic palette that suggests a sense of tradition and modernity, a pastoral moment glimpsed in the heart of the city.''