If the summer lingers


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The Swedish duo are back with a new EP. It features two songs, the first If the Summer Lingers reminds me of the best of the early 70s English folk, a la Sandy Denny. Lovely sound and production. The 2nd track, Tear Apart is simply fantastic and amazing. I really love the vibe of this song and it features some guest flute by Dag. It has a such a cool and spacey vibe and I jsut get transported away every time I hear it. One of the bands best tracks ever!! Check them out.


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After working on other project for a while our favourite Swedish folk duo Us and Them is back with a new single! I think the final product will included three tracks, since the promo copy I received has two and there are two on their Bandcamp site now but the second being entitled differently to the promo edition. But is says it's a "Limited edition 3-track CD" there. Mysterious, right? Anyway, let's see what we've got here.

The opening title track is a nice, shortish, summery folk rock piece. You immediately recognize the duo's wonderful style and vibe, marvellous! Just too short, if you as me. "Tear Apart" is a longer, slower, hypnotic and darker piece that also has some instrumental passages. Acoustic guitar and brilliant female vocals, yes, but also synths and mellotron etc. The chorus is a bit more melodic and lighter. I really enjoy this extended, magical piece! "In the Waiting Room" on the Bandcamp site seems to be the same track, so not sure which one is the right title of if the track is devided into two parts on the actual CD single or what. You will ove this one, anyway !