Singles and Ep's

Julia dream of all the pretty little horses

Released 2009 on Fruits de Mer Records - 4-track vinyl EP

This was our first record on the rather new label Fruits de Mer (it was their eight release). It contains of three interpretations of songs written by other artists: It was Tudor lodge's Home to stay, Jackson C Franks Dialogue and an integration between Pink Floyds "Julia dream and the old lullaby "All the pretty little horses" which the tune in "Julia dream" is loosely based on. This record was the first one we didn't release by ourselves so that record have a special place in our hearts. 


Released 2011 on Fruits de Mer Records - 4-track vinyl EP

Our next record on Fruit de Mer was an EP with four songs from the 1973 horror movie The Wicker man. A movie both Britt and I adore, both the film and the soundtrack. We did that record in collaboration with Tony Swettenham, a Mellotron wizard from England who had released records with his alter ego The Frobisher neck on Fruits de mer. He added the most beautiful and otherworldly sound of mellotron and hammered dulcimer. Very sensitive' and it fitted so perfect into the music. The first 500 copies sold out in 4 days and the 200 more which was pressed is also sold out fast. 

Walk Light

Released 2012 on Ritual Echo Records - 4-track vinyl EP 

On our release on Withdrawn records we did mainly our own songs but the two Ep's on Fruits de Mer was cover versions. So it felt like a natural move that our next release should be a record with our own material. The 4-track Ep was released on the Ritual Echo label and our ambition was to show a rather broad picture of what Us and Them is. So there is the light and pop oriented Weston-Super-mare, the dark and electronic Oblivion and two typical Us and Them songs, the title track Walk light and A Love will find it's way to us, a song that still is represented in our live performances.

By the time it gets dark

Released 2014 on Fruits de Mer Records - 3-track vinyl EP

I think that it was Fruits de Mer that suggested that we should do a cover of a Sandy Denny song. Both Britt and I love Sandy but thought it was difficult to touch anything that Sandy had sang so intense and touching as only she could. So we wasn't convinced it was a good idea. When we got used to the idea we thought we should give it a try. By the time it gets dark only exists in a demo version so we thought we could ''finalize'' a song that didn't made it on any of Sandys records.

We are also very fond of love double album HMS Donovan which got a sort of magical fairytale sense. So the next songs became a version of Jabberwocky from that album. A song which Donovan had written music to the Lewis Carrol poem.

Even if we on this stage had released our self penned songs on other labels we thought that it could be nice to have one of our own songs on a Fruits de Mer record. It could show another side of Us and Them, maybe a bit more complex and electronic. The choice fell on the six and half minutes long Do I know you?

Winter winds

Released 2016 on Fruits de Mer Records - Vinyl single

Fruits de Mer released a so-called Lathe cut (a sort of handmade vinylrecord) of two songs from Fading within the dwindling sun. It is a sort of picture disc with a real leaf within the record.

Fading within the dwindling sun

Released 2016 on Fruits de Mer Records - 5-track 10 inch vinyl 

During early 2016 we were in contact with Fruits de Mer and the question about doing something more ambitious around Sandys songs came up. An album was to much and an EP to small (and we done a couple of EP already. The idea with a 10-inch record came up. It looks nice, is rather uncommon so Fading within the dwindling sun became Fruit de Mer's first 10 inch record.

It became a rather varied record. To short and rather typical Us and Them version of Winterwinds and Take away the load, an experimental version of Next time around, the classic Farewell, Farewell with drums and Tony Swettenham on mellotron and the records centerpiece The Banks of the Nile. The songs is a tradional song which is a sort of conversation between a man, who was drafted to the war, and his wife. So we did it as a duet and asked our guests from the Wickerman Ep to join us again. Ludvig Josephson did the male part in the duet and Tony Swettenham contributed with mellotron and organ.

When I was walking

Released 2018 on Mega Dodo Records - Vinyl single

During 2016 Mega dodo started a single club. You could have a subscription from the club and when it where released. 

From the corner of my eye

Released 2018 on Mega Dodo Records - Vinyl single

For our previous album we did our own single from the album in a very limited cd edition. This time the single came out a couple of months before the album and was a vinyl single with two bonustrack to download. The A-side was a shorter version of From the corner of my eye, compared to the album version. The b-side was our interpretations of the Barclay James Harvest song The Iron maiden. If you bought you could download two more exclusive songs, our own When life begins and a cover version of David Bowie's All the madman.  

When the stars are brightly shining

Released 2019 on Snowflakes Christmas singles - Vinyl single

We never thought that we should make a christmas single. But when the Dutch label Snowflakes Christmas singles asked us to do one for christmas 2019 we thought it could be fun to try that. The a-side is our own ´´When the stars are brightly shining´´ and the b-side is a version of Tori Amos beautiful song Winter.