We come bearing gifts

Released 2009 by Fruits de Mer Records - Cassette

Our contribution on this cassette sampler is A Love will find it's way to us. A song that later appeared on our EP Walk light in a slightly different version. 

Re-Evolution-FDM sings the Hollies

Released 2013 on Fruits de Mer Records - Vinyl album  

Fruits de Mer asked a couple of artist on the label to think about what The Hollies would have sounded like "if they's spent more time East of Darlington, Graham Nash hadn't packed his kaftan and left for the West Coast and EMI had given them all unlimited time in Abbey Road, unlimited quantities of drugs and unlimited access to Norman Smith". Our contribution was Butterfly from Hollies album with the same name. 


Released 2013 by the magazine Record collector - Vinyl album

In 2013 the magazine Record collecot started a sort of record label. One of their earliest releases was a a compilation that Record collector released 2013 with early songs from the Fruits de Mer backcatalogue. Our contribution was Home to Stay from our Julia dream EP. In 2016 Fruits de Mer relased a CD-version of the record.

Lobster disque

Released 2014 by Fruits de Mer Records - CD

As the cover says , An Introduction To Fruits De Mer Records And Some Of Its Artists. Us and Them contribute with We are sacred, s song that appeared on our debut album the year after.

Crabstock on ice 

Released 2014 by Fruits de Mer Records - CD

On the 3rd of May 2014 the Crabstock on ice festival took place in Helsinki and Us and them was one of the acts that performed there. It was great to meet and our labelmates and Keith, head of Fruits de Mer in real life. As usual on this kind fo Fruits de Mer arrangements the visitors got a so called goodybag with a records from the label. One of them was a compilation where Us and Them contributed with Do I know You? from the By the time it gets dark EP. 


Released 2015 on Fruits de Mer Records - CD

Another festival like the Crabstock on ice took place in Cardigan in Wales the 7th-9th of August 2015. We contributed with the song If we could to the sampler which was part of the Goody bag that was distributed to the visitors. You won't find the song anywhere else.


Released 2017 by Mega Dodo records - CD

Tiddlywinks is a collection of children's songs done in some sort of acid folk style. All proceeds go to charity for children.  We contribute with a rearranged version Julia Dream of all the pretty little horses from our first EP on Fruits de Mer. 

Goldfish - 10 years on vinyl 

Released 2018 by Fruits de Mer Records - Triple album on vinyl 

Fruits de Mer Records celebrate 10 years as a record label with the tripple album Goldfish with songs they have released during these 10 years. Us and Them contribute with Willow's song from our Summerisle EP.  

Sunny spells

Released 2019 by Fruits de Mer Records - Vinyl EP

This is a vinyl-Ep with four songs from the forthcoming 4-cd set A Band for all seasons. We contribute with a version for Neil Young's What did you do to my life ?   

From a distant shore - 4 species on display  

Released 2019 by Mega Dodo Records - CD

This is a compilation we did with three of our favourite Swedish colleagues, Astor Wolfe, Internal planet and Eve and the last waltz. Every artist contribute with three songs each. Us and Thems songs ´´Among antiques and things left behind´´, ´´In between times´´ and ´´Roller coaster´´ isn't available anywhere else. 

Released 2020 by Fruits de Mer Records - CD-boxset

A Band for all seasons  

Released 2020 by Fruits de Mer Records - CD-boxset

A Band For All Seasons' is a hugely extended version of the 2018 3-LP set 'The Three Seasons - songs from 1966-68'. Us and Them contribute with a cover of the early Neil Young song What did you do to my life ? 

The Darkest voyage

Released 2020 on Fruits de Mer Records - CD-boxset

The Darkest Voyage is a sort of lockdown project, an experiment in musical distancing. It is a 6CD set of recordings by Astralasia, friends of the band and friends of Fruits de Mer, all based on the same core recordings made by Marc Swordfish. We have used the Edgar Allan Poe's poem Annabel Lee for the words and also called our song after the poem.


Released 2020 on Fruits de Mer Records - CD

Codswallop pulls together a few artists and tracks that Fruits de Mer records have release during 2020. Mainly for press, radiostations etc. Us and Them contribute with Annabel Lee from The Darkest voyage boxset.  

These clouds are real

Released 2021 on Meschplan - CD

For the first time Us and Them appear on a Swedish label. The new song Looks like it's clearing up is one of the songs from Meschplan first compilation These clouds are real (meschplan elements, vol 1: air).   


Released 2022 on Fruits de mer Records - CD

Earworms is a compilation from Fruits de Mer records where Us and Them contribute with the new song Mirrors.


Released 2023 on Fruits de mer Records - Vinyl EP

Us and them contribute to the EP with our version of Trees beautiful song The Garden of Jane Delawney.

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